What kind of services Eden Horticulture Services provides?

Eden Horti is basically a consultancy firm and provide knowledge-based services for agri entrepreneurs who want to do Hi Tech Horticulture. We provide all kind of hand holding support from project planning, execution and operation even in supply chain management.

When you say Hi Tech Horticulture then what do you mean?

There is minimum support price (MSP) for several field crops thus you may easily calculate how much someone can make profit per acre in case of wheat and rice. But when it comes to horticulture produces then there is no MSP and its price highly fluctuating in market. By using Hi tech horticulture you may increase the productivity and you may grow off season crops (to avoid seasonal glut) to enhance your per acre income. Hi Tech horticulture includes greenhouse technology, drip irrigation, mulching, stacking, Plug seedling nursery, low tunnel, hydroponics, soil less cultivation etc. Purpose of these investment to reduce your operational cost and increase your per capita income.

How much profit some one can make these hi-tech horticultures?

Agriculture is biological science and you can not predict in excel sheets. There are more than 20 parameters which affects plant physiology and project profitability. e.g. in by using greenhouse technology you may get 10 times more production of seedless cucumber and 6 times more production of tomato than traditional farmers in open field. Now as per project site location / market linkage you may explore your profitability. This Hi-tech horticulture technology adopts good agriculture practice thus having better traits with minimum use of pesticides (not organic) thus grower may fetch better price.

What kind of tips you would like to give for budding entrepreneurs?

I should suggest with proper knowledge and practical information you should never invest in Hi tech horticulture. Before doing such project, please visit nearby by project sites, consult experts and do own SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis for your own project site. Horticulture is game of temperature management so if someone knows how to play with it then he may make desirable profit otherwise you might face seasonal glut during your harvesting window.

Where your experts are based and how you provide your consultancy services?

We are basically based at Karnal in Haryana but we travel across India and some time neighboring country like Nepal for such project consultancy. Each and every project is unique in itself and we customize as per their strength and scope. We firmly believe copy and paste doesn’t work in agriculture. So, while doing any innovative project first do prototype and scale it up only after successful implementation.

If some one wants to invite you for project site visit, then what is procedure?

If someone want to invite us for project consultancy then he needs to invite Eden experts on his own expenditure which we call door to door expenditure. Which includes transportation (Taxi, Air train etc), accommodation, meals etc. and he has to may expert fee (man days basis).

During such visit what kind of services you provide them?

During this visit first we understand clients need and his vision, accordingly we give him some presentation (possible model) to explain him business economics. We explain also about possible govt subsidy and tell him how to invest wisely. Apart from that we collect water and soil sample for laboratory testing and after project site visit, we provide project feasibility report on payment basis for his future planning.

What are future steps after this visit and how long it takes you to complete the project?

After first project basis we can prepare detail project report (DPR) for best suitable economic viable projects, after that we work on project execution in time bound manner like irrigation set up, civil construction, green house structure etc. and then our field work begins with bed preparation till crop harvesting. For project planning, execution and operation we offer our consultancy services on optional basis (You may choose any one or all services). During this project consultancy we skill local man powers and educate them time to time through remote support.

What is remote support and how to avail it?

During Covid 19 pandemic we realized that its not possible to visit all project sites physically thus we started telephonic/online project consultancy services. Where clients may book appointment by advance payment for his specific agenda. As per his requirements we book slot for 20 minutes to 2 hours. Moreover, if client has hired us as their professional expert, then we provide farm manager/local labor technical advisory instantly by WhatsApp message or video call. This kind of support is call remote support when we provide consultancy digitally not physically.

Please tell us about EDEN HORTI magazine and how someone can subscribe it?

EDEN HORTI magazine is a bimonthly magazine (Once in two months means annually 6 issue) we publish it. Through this magazine we share cutting edge of technology with scientific information so that we van educate, empower and employ the people in horticulture sector. Our objective is to integrates all dots of agriculture business like pre harvest, post harvest, storage, processing, transportation, marketing and even export import information. Interested people may register for digital copy only by email as well as hard copy also.

What is Agri study tour to Israel and when you organize it?

During my stay in Israel (2010-2014) I realized in agriculture learning by seeing in best practice so its better to have exposure precision farming in Israel and after coming back India try to implement back to your field and Eden is always with you in such project implementation. We generally customize tour for specific people with specific mandates (field demonstration, B2B networking, Scientific collaboration etc). Our minimum size of group is 10 people and as per their desire we customize study tour. We conduct such trip occasionally for serious delegates.

How to conduct training and skill development programme?

We conduct time to time training for progressive farmers, summer internship programme for university students and entrepreneurship development programme for budding entrepreneurs. We also design specialized training for NGO, FPOs, Govt departments and even private companies as per their requirements. Earlier we used to do physical training programme at our project site (where ever projects going on) and during pandemic we have started online training programme also.

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